Introduction to Aerial Silks - Libretto (EN)

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Lingua: inglese

Includes essential knowledge for aerial silks artists with over 30 unique moves covering classic wraps, climbs, inverts, poses, and conditioning exercises.

This compact booklet is packed full of vital instructions for the young aerialist.

Each of the moves in this book contains multiple colour photos, expertly demonstrated. Each move is accompanied by detailed, step-by-step written instructions with additional safety tips specific to each move and instructions on how to exit each move safely.

The book provides instructions how to correctly tie and untie a hitch in the silks and covers several moves in the hitch.
Footlocks are covered in detail, and most moves are presented with variations on the primary move too.

This is excellent for beginners as all of these moves are perfect for conditioning an practice at home.

You’ll also find links to videos from the Spin City archives!

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