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The brand new 1st Edition Spin City Sling Bible with over 3000 reference pictures in full colour has been carefully compiled to help aerial fitness students identify the Crochet from the Cross Back and the Goddess from the Seatbelt.

Produced and printed from 2022 onwards for single point-rigged apparatus.

Important note: Spin City defines aerial sling as a loop of fabric rigged to a single point. All images in this book have been produced using single point apparatus.

The book is made up of two main sections:

  • The first section contains the foundation skills for aerial sling; we have classified these moves as ‘foundation level’, as some of the skills covered are beyond a basic beginner level however, they make up the fundamental aerial sling skills that create a strong foundation of technique and body awareness.
  • The second section contains bonus moves, which have been split into different categories including static poses, variations on core moves and dynamic moves.

Throughout the book, beginner-friendly moves can be identified by a blue spot under the title.

This is a ring-bound book - designed so the book can lay-flat while open so you can try out a move on site while keeping an eye on that page for guidance.

Formato A4: 30 cm × 25 cm × 4 cm

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