Pole Dance Safety

Warning: Do NOT do this before or during Pole Dance

  • Drink Alcohol: Alcohol impairs the judgment and slows down the body reaction. This is not a good combination for any fitness workout and even worse for working out on a pole! Energy and concentration are required during pole dance!
  • Do not use oils, creams, lotions or body make-up on the pole dance. These can make the skin slippery and it is extremely dangerous because you have a very high risk of slipping and falling.
  • Medication that impair perception or judgment, make you tired or reduce the speed of reaction should never be taken before pole dance. Pretty much the same as alcohol.

Pole Dance Safety Tips

  • Use a crash mat. The thicker the better, in case you slip and fall. These should always be used on your first time doing tricks and inversions you have never tried before. They are also recommended during heavy training and when you are tired. Sweating and fatigue increase the risk of slipping and falling.
  • Use a 'Spotter' = training partner. It is safer to learn new tricks in a group where there is always someone to help and correct your technique. Just ask someone to stand nearby and be ready to help you down again. Sometimes, when you try to do something for the first time, it can feel awkward and you may not know how to get out of the position safely.
  • Keep a clean cloth and a pole cleaner nearby. You may use a window cleaner / glass cleaner, 99% alcohol, a Pole Dance cleaning cloth or even vodka in a spray bottle. This keeps the sweat, humidity and oil away from the pole surface to avoid slipperiness.
  • Use a grip aid / grip product. There are a lot of good products, such as Itac2, Dry Hands, or Mighty Grip powder for sweaty palms, as well as pole dance gloves.
  • Train your strength. It is easier to keep yourself on the pole when you are stronger.
  • Agility training and adequate warm-up reduce the risk of injury from "cold" muscles and lubricate the joints for various movements.
  • Reduce bruising by following instructions on proper techniques, so that you always have the right hand / leg / body position, thus reducing the risk of bruises.
  • Drink water! Our bodies are 55-75% water and when you are thirsty it is too late, you are already dehydrated! Always carry a bottle of water with you and drink a lot during your training and workout.
  • Make sure you have enough blood sugar. Eat a protein or power bar half an hour before training. Diabetics should be careful and take an appropriate snack with them for training. The teacher should be notified before training that you are a diabetic so that he/she will know what to do in case of an emergency.
  • Be well-rested. It is important that the body is prepared for the energy exertion and strain. Pole dance is a strength training that also increases the heart rate (cardiovascular work). Be particularly careful when you go to training after a full day at work. When you are tired during training, there is an increased risk of injury.
  • Complete a First Aid / CPR Certification and ask if your teacher is currently First Aid certified.

Reduce your chances of injury by following these pole dance safety instructions and learning from a watchful, well-trained instructor.


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