Vaulted Ball Mount for XPert Pole with Extended Top Insert

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45mm - 1.75"
45mm - 1.75"

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The vaulted ball mount enables you to install the XPert spinning pole under a ceiling or beam that is not parallel to the floor.

Unlike the older Vaulted Mount it can be tilted in any direction, not only along the hinge reducing the risk of screwing it in the wrong way. It enables you to install the pole permanently and increases the safety when you install the spinning pole higher than 3.3m.

The ball mount needs to be drilled and screwed into the ceiling or a beam. Since we don't know the material of your ceiling, we cannot include the right kind of screws. The vaulted ball mount replaces the ceiling dome of the XPert spinning pole. When you are using the ball mount, the pole can still be disassembled if needed only leaving the ball mount screwed to the beam or ceiling for future use.

IMPORTANT: The Inclined Ceiling Mount can only be used with the included Extended Top Insert. The extended top insert can not be used with the 125mm extension. If your height requires a 125mm extension, please contact us, because then you will need different length extensions.

Height of the vaulted ceiling mount with extended top insert: 10,5cm. This means an X-Pert NX (8cm) becomes 3cm higher through the use of the vaulted ceiling mount, or a Pro X-Pert and XPert NXN (version 2021) becomes 5cm higher.

Part Height
Ceiling Dome Pro X-Pert (PX) / XPert (NXN) 6cm
X-Pole XPert Home Mount & Insert 2cm
X-Pert ball mount for parallel ceiling 8cm
X-Pert vaulted ball mount 10,5cm

Measurement: 4" x 7" = 10,16cm x 17,78cm = 101,6mm x 177,8mm

The adapter is included. The diameter of the pole must be specified.

If the ceiling is parallel to the ground, you may use the Standard Ball Mount for XPert Spinning Pole.

Image: Vaulted Ball Mount for XPert Spinning Pole and Adapter (Extended Top Insert)

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